Robin Williams’ decade-long detour into serious business is over with “RV,” which opens at theaters on Friday (April 28).
The Boston Herald reported that the hyperkinetic star is back in a slapstick comedy that finds Williams as ad exec Bob Munro, hauling his family from Los Angeles to Colorado in a recreational vehicle for fun. But he’s actually racing to reach a business meeting at a mountain resort to save his job.
As Bob flails about with the oversized motorhome, knocking out stop signs and careering down steep inclines, something amazing happens: His bratty kids, 15-year-old Cassie (Joanna “JoJo” Levesque) and 12-year-old Carl (Josh Hutcherson), start relating to Dad instead of text messaging him from their computers at home.
Williams, 55, a father of three, knows that although much of “RV” might be exaggerated, those scenes of family members together but in their own techno worlds of iPods and instant messaging are hardly a screenwriter’s fantasy.
“Oh, that’s real,” Williams said, citing similar experiences with his own children.
“RV’s” story of a vacation gone awry is something most families can relate to, Williams said. “Everyone has had a bad vacation that you remember, and once you get through it, it’s like, ‘Wow, we survived.’ ”
Williams hopes “RV” drives well enough for a sequel. He already has ideas for the next story.
“Some lady told me a great story of how her father took them on an R.V. trip in Europe,” he said. “Wow, just to take an RV into France would be pretty wonderful. There is so much comedy right there. When you go to Europe and you realize that a French family car is a mom and dad and a pack of smokes, the idea of an R.V. is nuts. Then when you go to Germany and you’re on the Autobahn and cars are literally going by you at 160 miles an hour – and they come up behind you!”