For decades, many RV designs have followed an ethos perhaps best described as “land yacht,” or “Reganesque.” As reported by the Tampa Tribune, lots of 1980s-style beige, lots of rounded corners, padded edges, smoked mirrors and styling that would impress the cast of “Cheers.” The styling veered more towards La-Z-Boy than anything else.

Lately, however, RV makers are rethinking that approach, looking at the up-and-coming boomer and millennial generations, and designing RVs that look a lot more like a Miami condo inside, if not a hip “W” hotel room. Lots of stainless steel fixtures, kitchens built like those on Food Network and enough wireless connectivity to run a BestBuy.

“Each of the manufacturers are doing this in their own way,” said Tim Sheehan, president and chief executive of Lazydays RV Supercenter. “Even Winnebago has gone back and is starting to do some really interesting, different new products with this style.”

This week, the Florida RV Supershow began at the Florida State Fairgrounds and runs through Sunday, and among the longest lines of people were those waiting to walk through the newly redesigned, modern residential-style motorhomes.

American Coach unveiled an “Eagle” motorcoach for $700,000 that feels inside much like a modern hotel room or vacation condo, said Director of Design Paul White, who came to the RV industry after helping designing cars for Jaguar and other brands. That clean, modern residential feel is very much intentional.

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