Mel Bateson came out to University of Phoenix Stadium Saturday (April 18) hoping a deal would catch his eye that could fatten his wallet.

The part-time Maryland resident, who spends three months each year living in his 40-foot RV in Mesa, Ariz., said he was looking to downsize from his gas guzzler. The La Mesa RV weekend sale, with about 180 units, was the perfect venue, according to YourWestValley.com, Sun City, Ariz.

“We have a 40-footer, and we’re watching the market in these smaller units,” he said. “Eventually we’re going to downsize to one of these smaller units to get more miles to the gallon. We’re moving from about eight miles per gallon to about 18. It makes quite a difference.”

Mike Sullivan, a salesman with La Mesa RV, said many customers are looking at smaller units and used RVs instead of bigger and newer vehicles.

“We’ve got a lot of used. Right now that’s where the market is, kind of on the lower end. People are conserving their cash and looking more at a used vehicle than a new one right now,” he said.

Sullivan said up to 40% discounts on new vehicles as well as reduced prices on used RVs were being offered at the four-day weekend sale.

Sales Manager Larry Irvin said the current economic climate means it is a good time to purchase a recreational vehicle.

“It’s a buyer’s market. There’s a lot of discounts from manufacturers right now,” he said.