Net profits at smaller RV dealerships more than doubled during 2001, compared with 2000, despite lower sales revenue, according to consultant firm The Spader Companies.
The average smaller dealership, which the Spader firm defines as those with less that $5 million in annual sales, earned $95,823 in 2001, compared with $42,125 earned in 2000.
Meanwhile, the average smaller dealership’s total sales declined 1.9% in 2001 to $3,514,493 and the average smaller dealer’s new RV unit sales revenue slipped 5.7% to $2,013,779.
The average smaller dealership also had a slightly smaller new RV unit inventory at the end of 2001, when compared with the end of 2000. The average smaller dealership’s new RV unit inventory was valued at $933,948 at the end of last year, down 1.7% from the end of 2000, the Spader firm reports.
The average smaller dealership also reported used RV unit sales revenue declined 6.6% last year to $62,140, but service income increased 12.1% to $253,536 and parts & accessories revenue climbed 10.6% to $318,914.