Smaller RV dealers reported net losses in January, although the amounts were smaller than they were during January 2001, according to consultant firm The Spader Companies.
The average smaller dealership, which the Spader firms defines as those with less than $5 million in annual sales, reported a net loss of $17,192 this past January, compared with a net loss of $23,017 a year earlier.
However, the average smaller dealership reported its revenue from sales of new RV units soared 26.5% last January to $103,014, and its total revenue climbed 20.7% to $154,834.
Service revenue at the average smaller dealership increased 21.1% in January to $16,637 but revenue from parts & accessories sales slipped 4.7% lower to $11,008, the Spader firm reports.
Gross profit margins at the average smaller dealership also increased 22.8% last January to $40,544.
Meanwhile, total expenses at the average smaller dealership increased 3% in January to $57,735.
The sharp increase in sales revenue could explain the 6.8% decline in the dollar value of the average smaller dealer’s new RV unit inventory as of Jan. 31. The average smaller dealership had a new RV unit inventory valued at $987,835 as of Jan. 31, compared with $1,059,431 a year earlier.