Smart technology is revolutionizing both RV design and the way consumers RV. RVIA News and Insights reported that many RV manufacturers are working with their supplier partners to install smart systems and accessories that deliver what today’s consumer is looking for, while making RVing easier than ever.

Intuitive control systems and complete customization aren’t a thing of the future anymore. From awnings that offer the convenience of being controlled through the simple click of a button to high-efficiency appliances, the RV industry is looking to outfit the next generation of RV with new technology.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are becoming more of a viable choice for RVers due to their reliability and efficiency. The level of technology is on the rise while costs are declining, making it easier to justify adding them to their RVs.

Charging is simple. RVers don’t have to deplete the battery completely to recharge it and there’s an option to recharge in the middle of the cycle. With these benefits becoming more prevalent and consumer demand increasing, RV manufacturers are making more and more models that come equipped with lithium-ion batteries.

Performance Awnings

New manufacturer awnings are placing comfort and ease in their hands via one-touch technology that helps ensure that the awning set point is correct, eliminating any potential damage to the awning caused by the elements. At the touch of a button, awnings extend and retract, adding another nice tech upgrade benefit to RVers.


Even with simple appliances, manufacturers and suppliers are looking at ways to improve design and functionality. RVers looking to update their kitchens can now turn to cutting-edge refrigerators with functionality improvements such as door hinges that allow them to be opened from either side. This means more design, more comfort, more quality and more practical functionality for an appliance that needs to hold up to the daily rigors of the road.