Editor’s Note: Mike Snell, senior vice president of sales and product development at Monaco RV LLC,  outlines who Monaco RV is and where Monaco RV will be going in the future in this letter placed on the company’s website.

All of us here at Monaco RV LLC are very excited about our new company. The last several months have been a bit bumpy, but now manufacturing, sales and support operations are up and buzzing. We are developing modern new products for 2010 and beyond, our new dealer body is getting on board – with many of the same familiar names you know – and we’re looking forward to sharing our successes with all of you, our Monaco RV friends and family.

So how did we get here?

The story behind the recent purchase of certain assets of the former Monaco Coach Corp. has been well documented publicly, and I’m sure most of you have read about it. However, I’d like to expand a little on our parent company and its role in our future.

You most likely know Navistar as the maker of International brand trucks, with a history that spans back to Cyrus McCormick and the mechanical reaper. As you may also know, Navistar got into the RV business about five years ago when it acquired Workhorse Custom Chassis, which had been one of Monaco’s trusted suppliers for years. It was through the Navistar-Workhorse partnership that Navistar recognized the RV industry’s potential.

After Monaco Coach Corp. filed bankruptcy, Navistar recognized a unique opportunity to acquire and offer new quality brands and products. It seemed like a natural fit; one that would allow Navistar to utilize its expertise in transportation to take something great and make it even better.

Navistar saw enormous synergy opportunities in engineering, parts, manufacturing processes and purchasing, just to name a few. Navistar recognized a unique family culture, a loyal owner base, and an industry that was hit overly hard by the recession.

In a nutshell, it foresaw a winning combination.

What exactly is Monaco RV LLC?

A Navistar affiliate purchased most of the former Monaco Coach Corp.’s assets, including select manufacturing facilities in Oregon and Indiana, as well as trademarks and intellectual property. Monaco RV LLC is the new Navistar group company which now owns these assets.

Though it can be confusing, it’s important to realize that Monaco RV is a completely separate and new company. That said, our new Monaco RV LLC family places great value on continuing what was best about the Monaco brand products experience that you would have been accustomed to as a Monaco customer in the past.

And since the new Monaco RV LLC is part of the larger Navistar group of companies, I’m sure you’re wondering what that means for you.


 With more than 100 years in business, Navistar has had time to develop reliable, methodical planning and business practices that have driven its success. Monaco RV LLC believes that melding those practices into the RV business may present a new paradigm for our whole industry.

Dealer Service and Parts

Navistar’s brands have dealer networks that are the envy of their respective categories. They’ve built these networks based on honest, fair partnerships that have the customer in mind.

Monaco RV LLC is currently in the process of solidifying our roster of dealers and we’re making sure that all of our dealer partners will offer service facilities that meet your needs and expectations. As we continue to build these strong, reliable relationships with our dealer partners, we encourage you to do the same. We’re confident that this relationship with your dealer will only enhance your RV experience and give you the security you need during your traveling adventures.


Most exciting, in my opinion, are the wide range of possibilities for new products. Our short-term plan includes a slow, structured approach to production, building directly in response to current market demand. We also plan to spend a lot of time continuing to learn from you and finding out what you like and dislike about products.

From your insights, we aim to build the coaches of your dreams, and hopefully even beyond what you’ve thought possible. Much of this will be possible through sharing technology and design ideas across our own brands and among the Navistar portfolio.

The philosophy of designing products to fit our customers’ exact needs is central to Navistar’s philosophy. As a quick example, some of you might have seen the International LoneStar out on the road recently. That product exemplifies their approach. They went out and talked to literally thousands of truck drivers to come up with a design that fit what they really needed – hot looks and great fuel economy.

Financial Stability

Navistar is here to stay, and Monaco RV is, too. We have a financial plan for Monaco RV that will ensure that its legacy will continue to thrive. Of course, we can only meet this goal if we have your support in buying new products and encouraging others to do the same.

As always, I wish you the very best, and the safest of travels.

Thanks again for your support and for choosing to be a part of our new Monaco RV family