Designed to traverse snow-covered landscape or iced-over lakes, the RV-like SnoBear was unveiled this winter by SnoBear Industries LLC, West Fargo, N.D., for the ice-fishing sportsman. “A few years ago all you needed for ice fishing was a bucket, an auger and a line with a hook,” said SnoBear principal Greg Hatten. “Now people are spending $20,000 on stationary houses. We market SnoBear as a ‘winter fishing boat.'” SnoBear retails for $27,900 and features boat-like construction with sidewalls and roof made of double-walled RTM closed-mold fiberglass with two inches of insulation. Propelled by a 3-cycle Daihatsu engine, Snobear will travel at a top speed of 24 mph. When stationary, a hydraulic system drops the unit 14 inches to settle it firmly on the ice. In development for five years, the 18-foot Snobear is equipped with a 12-volt electrical system, standard propane furnace and six “drop wells” for fishing. Bunks, an entertainment system and television are optional.