Martha and Charles Wilson ate a late breakfast Tuesday morning at their home in Tampa, Fla.’s Tanglewood subdivision. As reported by the Tampa Tribune, they had just arrived to spend several months here after leaving their home just north of Atlanta.

Martha Wilson acknowledged that some people might wonder why they just don’t stay home, as opposed to coming a much shorter distance than people from Canada and the northern United States.

“We have pretty good weather in Georgia most of the time, but it’s not as good as this,” Mrs. Wilson said.

The Wilsons are undoubtedly among the first arrivals of the snowbirds. By the middle of November, many more are expected follow, filling up RV parks and providing much needed relief to stores and restaurants that could do not much more than give away food during the summer.

But this year’s snowbird season may have an early start because of cold weather up north.

Janet Ortberg, the activities director for Tanglewood, said at least 100 people have returned as of Tuesday.

“That’s very unusual for this early in October,” she said. “You can notice (that more have returned) on the streets.”

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