Another dreary, chilly morning on the Mississippi coast met snowbirds at the Southern Comfort RV Park. As reported by WLOX TV, January hasn’t been very southern, and it certainly hasn’t been comfortable.

That’s why Brenda Petty from north Alabama is bundled up, sitting next to a heater.

“When we arrived here on Friday, there was sleet all over the place. Everything was iced over, very, very cold. I’ve never seen sleet down on the coast,” Petty said.

Betty Anewalt from Ohio is also bundled up, while walking her dog.

“We’ve been here for lots and lots of years and it’s never been this cold in the daytime for this long. So yeah, we’re kind of disappointed, but when we look at the weather up north, we’re still glad we’re here,” Anewalt said.

Was another dog walker caught off guard by the bone chilling cold?

“Somewhat,” explained Jack Buskirk. “We thought it would be more in the 60s most of the time, not having to let the water run at night and worrying about freezing and that sort of thing.”

At the Cajun RV Park, visitors have been shocked by the plummeting temperatures. Sarah Germain is the park manager.

“Oh, they’re surprised all right. I just tell them to wait for another day. When it’s this cold, it can only get better,” Germain said.

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