Upland, Calif.-based-based So-Cal Teardrops is making a mark in the rejuvenated retro trailer market.

As reported by The Sun, teardrop camping trailers, so-called because of their distinctive aerodynamic shape — popular from the 1930s to 1960s — have made a big comeback, with more people opting for smaller campers over larger RVs and motorhomes because of cost, fuel-efficiency and versatility, said Mike, Gabe and Sierra Pari, a father and his two sons who share ownership of So-Cal Teardrops.

“It seems like every year, we do a little more business than the year before,” family patriarch Mike Pari, 67, said by phone. “The teardrops get a little more popular each year. I think maybe the (towing) cars are getting smaller and they can only tow up to a certain weight and our trailers fit right there.”

Customers can even order their teardrops to come with off-road wheels to take them places where traditional RVs would face trouble, such as the desert or craggy countryside. The off-road teardrops have been popular with Jeep and truck owners, Sierra Pari, 41, said by phone.

“The look behind their Jeep is awesome,” Sierra said. “That’s another reason why people pick our product. A lot of the guys who go on these off-road (adventures) and take their trailer with them and you can’t do that with the larger motorhomes.”

All three family members were former construction contractors before starting the teardrop trailer manufacturing company in 2004. It all started when they spotted a teardrop owned by a fellow camper while on a trip to Sequoia National Forest the prior year.

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