Sobel University, the national sales training and consulting firm founded by Randy Sobel in 1991, has extended the August edition of its comprehensive sales training course from three days to five. The five-day course will be Aug. 5-9 at Sobel University’s facilities in Tacoma, Wash.

This year’s course was extended, officials said, because dealers are reporting that in the current environment of high-volume sales, well-trained sales people are key to success.

“We have so many dealers asking that our August course — which is usually shortened because it’s in the middle of the sales season — be extended to a full week,” said Melissa Prior, program director. “It’s a totally live in-person experience. Sales people fly in from all over the country. Classes go for eight hours a day with testing each day and homework every night. It is a very intensive program.”  

The course is designed to take salespeople from the beginning of the sales process to the end, Prior said, adding that the content is designed to accommodate the various experience levels of each sales associate.

“We ask all the students to look at the content of the courses based on their level of sales experience,” explained Prior. “We’ve had people attend these classes 20-plus times and every year they come back. That’s because every year they get the most relevant training for the current sales environment.”

“Dealers are now understanding that they cannot afford to let ineffective salespeople continue to burn through prospects or to have their customers helped by untrained salespeople,” said Randy Sobel, president of Sobel University. “The brutal truth is, you can either fire up your salespeople or wait until the off season when they are starving and have to fire them.” 

Sobel said the special August comprehensive sales course is a “boot camp” for new as well as experienced salespeople and managers. He said with five experience levels to choose from, students can expect a challenging eight hours of classroom instruction with homework every night and exams every day.

“Students are also put into role-playing situations which helps sharpen their skills,” he concluded. “Dealers have reported a drastic increase in sales volume upon their staff’s successful completion of this class.”

Preregistration is required for all attendees, and the cost is dependent on the number of sales people attending and the contracted commitment. The university has set aside blocks of rooms in local hotels available as part of the registration process. Enrollees should fly into the Seattle Airport with light-rail, ground transport and rental cars available to reach Tacoma less than an hour away.

RV dealers wanting to register should call 253-565-2577 to enroll students.