Sobel University will revamp the advanced level of its comprehensive sales course with a look at the trendsetters and pacesetters across the RV industry.

“New pacesetters are replacing the old guards across the country,” said Jered Sobel, vice president of Sobel University, in a press release. “This December the new pacesetters class will be a chance to learn from those who are making the biggest strides. We will showcase examples of why and how those strides are happening so that everyone can learn.”

Common traits of these new pacesetters will be explored within the curriculum to better understand why this group of salespeople is developing at a faster rate.

“Managers and dealers looking to move their sales to the next level should plan to enroll to see the common traits of a pacesetter and better equip themselves to support the pacesetters in their dealership,” said Sobel.

The pacesetters comprehensive sales course is scheduled Dec. 3-7, 2018 in Tacoma, Wash. Students can expect a challenging eight hours of classroom instruction with homework every night and exams every day. Students are also put into role playing situations which helps sharpen their skills. Dealers have reported an increase in sales volume upon their staff’s successful completion of this class.

Pre-requisites are required to attend this course. To learn more visit sobeluniversity.com or call 253-565-2577.