Due to numerous dealer requests, the August edition of the comprehensive sales course by Sobel University has been extended from three days to a five-day training course. According to a press release, the class is now scheduled for Aug. 5-9.

In previous years the August course was abbreviated to allow salespeople to get back to their dealerships during a time of high traffic.

“Dealers are understanding that they cannot afford to let ineffective salespeople continue to burn ups or to have their customers helped by untrained salespeople.” said Randy Sobel, president of Sobel University. “The brutal truth is, you can either fire up your salespeople or wait until the off season when they are starving and have to fire them.”

The special August comprehensive sales course is a “boot camp” for new as well as experienced salespeople and managers. With five experience levels to choose from, students can expect a challenging eight hours of classroom instruction with homework every night and exams every day.

Students are also put into role playing situations which helps sharpen their skills. Dealers have reported a drastic increase in sales volume upon their staff’s successful completion of this class.