Sobel University today (March 8) issued a response addressing the numerous inquiries made regarding reserved seating at the educational seminars featuring Jered Sobel at the inaugural RVX: The RV Experience.

“When we last spoke for RVIA they had to borrow chairs from a nearby room because there was such a large turnout.” said Randy Sobel, president of Sobel University, in a press release. “This year there is a larger room, but we encourage people to give us a call so we can reserve one of the best seats.”

Registered attendees may contact Sobel University to reserve seats. The courses are slated for on March 13 and 14 from 7:30-8:45 a.m.  

Sobel will present educational, RV sales training that will give attendees skills for an increase in productivityThese building block classes will provide more advanced material rather than starting over from scratch with each session.

All attendees can earn certification credits towards Sobel University courses and receive a voucher for $500 off enrollment at the five-day courses located in Tacoma, Wash., or Atlanta when booked at RVX.

To learn more about Sobel University visit sobeluniversity.com or call 253-565-2577.