SatelliteSalesMeetings1headerFor more than 25 years, Sobel University has offered monthly training to dealers across the United States and Canada, according to a press release. To save dealers money on travel costs including airfare, hotel and ground transportation Sobel University is making live sales meetings available online beginning May 2015.

Each 30-minute sales meeting includes:

• 30-minute sales meeting addressing current and relevant topics.

• Unlimited attendees per dealership.

• Worksheets for reinforcement and retention of material.

• Advisor to review completed worksheets.

• Monthly report of attendees’ comprehension based on submitted worksheets.

Space for the monthly sales meetings is limited and pre-registration is required. The monthly sales meetings are being offered for only $250 per dealership per month.

To learn more about the training solutions offered by Sobel University visit sobeluniversity.com or call (253)-565-2577.