Sobel training courses are well attended

Sobel training courses were well attended

Sobel University is reporting a record number of students enrolled in their three- and five-day certification courses.

“More and more RV salespeople and managers understand the importance of RV specific sales training,” said author and international sales trainer Randy Sobel in a press release.

The December 2014 Comprehensive Sales Course was attended by more than 120 salespeople, managers and dealers from across the United States and Canada, including repeat and first-time students.

The Comprehensive Sales Course is a “boot camp” class for new and experienced salespeople and managers. Students can expect a challenging eight hours of classroom instruction with homework every night and exams every day. Students are also put into role playing situations which helps sharpen their skills.

Dealers have reported a drastic increase in sales volume upon their staff’s successful completion of this class. With five experience levels, salespeople can expect a challenge whether it is their first attendance or their fifteenth. To learn more visit sobeluniversity.com.