Sobel University added courses to their online training school today and has now surpassed 300 online courses that are currently available.

“These courses range from techniques on meet and greet all the way through write-up and close,” said university president Randy Sobel in a press release.  “Our online courses also include tools for show selling, objection handling, building a client base, and product presentations.”

As many of these courses were recently recorded, Sobel said that his material is current and relevant. Many segments are tied to handling internet and phone shoppers, and addressing the increase in millennials looking for an RV.

“Dealers have told us that they are using these for sales meetings to boost interactive training,” said Sobel. “Other dealers have expressed that they are using online training to help salespeople who are struggling in specific areas to correct profit leaks.”

To learn more about training opportunities offered by Sobel University, visit sobeluniversity.com or call 253-565-2577 to enroll.