SobelU.laurel [Converted]For salespeople, understanding how to place a customer on the product that is right for them is an essential skill. According to a press release, an upcoming webinar from Sobel University will cover the importance of this step.

Sobel University’s monthly training webinar for September will cover what to do when a salesperson shows the wrong product. Salespeople will learn how to understand those cues so that they don’t waste their customer’s time. The webinar will discuss how to find other options that still fit their customer’s budget and needs. Attendees will also learn how to give their customers the option to pay more and get more while explaining what they will get for their money.

For more than 25 years, Sobel University has offered monthly training to dealers across the United States and Canada. Last month more than 50 locations participated in the live webinar series. These live training webinars start at $250 per month per dealership location.

Each 30-minute Training Webinar includes:

  • A 30-minute sales meeting addressing current and relevant topics.
  • Unlimited attendees per dealership location.
  • Worksheets for reinforcement and retention of material.
  • Adviser to review completed worksheets.
  • Weekly e-mailed lesson plans.

The next Monthly Training Webinar is scheduled for Sept. 4. Space is limited and preregistration is required. To learn more about training solutions offered by Sobel University visit sobeluniversity.com or call 253-565-2577.