Bucking an industrywide slowdown in motorized sales, a dealer in Scotts Valley, Calif., said he is still moving motorhomes off the lot.
“Sales have definitely slowed down,” said Skylar Nelson, manager of Scotts Valley RV in Southern California. “But we’re still getting young families in here, and our Class Cs are selling like crazy.”
The Scott’s Valley Press-Banner reported that the dealership, owned by Tony Watson, recently expanded to manage McMahon’s RV across the street and shifted sales operations to the newly acquired lot. The move occurred after RV magnate Brent McMahon decided to concentrate on his Southern California lots.
Skylar said that while pricier Class A motorhomes aren’t selling briskly, sales for smaller, less-expensive models and travel trailers are holding their own.
“We have fewer of the higher-income buyers and more working-class families,” Nelson said, “but there are still die-hard RVers.”
Industrywide, the economy is the problem, not $4-a-gallon gas, noted Jim Eberhardt, sales manager at the McMahon’s lot, which has retained its name for the time being.
“Gas prices don’t affect people’s sales decisions as much as you’d think,” he said. “Business is quieter right now, but we still have five or six people a day drop in, and we sold around 70 vehicles last year.”
Scotts Valley RV also rents and services motorhomes, evidence that, according to Nelson, owners aren’t just letting their RVs sit in their driveways.
“People are still using their RVs,” he said. “I have a Scotts Valley customer who takes his up to Smithwoods RV Park in Felton. He just wants to get away from everyday life.”