Solitude 373FB by Grand Design

First introduced at America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pa., and later at the Elkhart RV Open House, Grand Design Recreation Vehicle Co.’s Solitude 373FB fifth-wheel features a massive front bath and bedroom as well as an innovative L-shaped exterior kitchen option. 

The 41-foot long coach comes in at less than 14,000 pounds (dry weight) with an MSRP in the low- to mid-$90,000 range, depending on options.

Product Manager Rob Groover said the fifth-wheel’s front bath includes a true walk-in closet and washer/dryer hookup that doesn’t impede on the wardrobe space, while the bedroom offers a 70-by-80 walk-around king bed in a slideout and hidden storage in the dresser. The main living area features a half-bath, island kitchen and a living room made spacious with opposing slides.

“Historically front baths have been very hit or miss. There’s always a weakness in that the living room is either constrained, the bedrooms are terrible, or they’re just super tight. People have tended to focus on the bathroom, and everything else comes second,” Groover told RVBUSINESS.com. “So with this one, we really wanted to make the living room as open and spacious as possible, that’s why we have windows all the way around. We blew out the overhead cabinets and put massive windows on the campsite side, versus on the other side, so you’re looking at your patio instead of your neighbor’s.”

The optional L-shaped outdoor kitchen, which was developed in partnership with MORryde, is available on six of Solitude’s nine floorplans. The system slides out from the basement storage, and then unfolds into a galley complete with a hot-and-cold plumbed sink, grill cooktop and plenty of counter space.

“We wanted to make it very intuitive and something that customers can easily set up under two minutes intact,” Groover said. “The nice thing about it is that it has hot and cold running water. It’s plumbed to your gray water tank so there’s no additional or auxiliary tanks or anything like that to worry about it, and there’s no switch to turn the pump on or off.”