Dayton, N.J.-based Somfy Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialized motors and electronic controls for interior and exterior window coverings, announced the launch of the new SIMU Windy Hz Accel wind sensor designed exclusively for recreational vehicles.

According to a press release, the new 3D wind sensor is designed to “extend the lifetime of motorized RV awnings by providing automatic wind protection.” The Windy Hz Accel detects horizontal, vertical and lateral movements of the RV awning, signaling the motor to automatically retract depending on a set movement threshold. Once installed on the inside bar of the motorized RV awning, the motion sensor threshold can be easily programmed by simply moving the awning by hand to record the magnitude of movement that should not be exceeded.

With no wires to connect – power is drawn from two AAA batteries – The Windy Hz Accel is easy to install and virtually maintenance free. When the battery level is low, an indicator warns users, who can quickly replace batteries for continued use. A unique auto-save function allows users to remove the sensor from the support base, causing momentary deactivation, yet maintaining the programmed settings, thus preventing the awning from retracting and allowing for awning fabric adjusting or cleaning with ease.

For more information visit www.somfysystems.com.