Rapid City, S.D., dealer Dakota Discount RVs is moving to a new location near the local Cabela’s store, according to a report in the Rapid City Journal.
The RV and auto seller will move to the new site in October or November said Kevin Bertalot, manager of Dakota Discount RVs.
The new five-acre location will more than double the RV dealer’s current 1 1/2-acre lot. In addition to the sales lot near Cabela’s, Dakota Discount RVs will build a service center on a two-acre lot across Interstate 90 from the new sales location.
Bertalot said part of the old lot might become a used RV sales center. “That’s a thought we’re kicking around,” he said.
Bertalot began eyeing the site in March, knowing the area was set to burst with development.
“We have a lot of people go by here,” he said, referring to the current location. “But they’re going at 45 miles mph.”
Dakota Discount RV and Auto began in 1998 as a car dealership, Bertalot said. The first RV rolled off the lot four years ago. Since then, the RV side of the business has grown considerably, with more of the campers on the lot.
“We went from 15 to 150 now,” he said. “When you start bringing more RVs in, you need more room.”
The RV sales business is much different than the car business, Bertalot said. And the customer’s credit is often better as well, which means salespeople don’t have to turn customers away as often.
“People have fun buying RVs,” he said. “It just fit my personality, more than anything else.”
The RV dealer is the next of a slew of businesses likely to pop up in the area. Cabela’s opened in early August, and Sam’s Club is under construction nearby. A Tractor Supply store will likely be built adjacent to the new site for Dakota Discount RVs, pending city approval.