Bob and Donna Purdy meandered through the Victoria Community Center, in Victoria, Texas, past RVs that boasted everything from outdoor kitchens to bunk beds and flat-screen TVs.

“Our RV has just about everything, but we came to look around,” Dallas resident Bob Purdy said. “Some of these floor plans are better than ours.”

The South Texas RV Show began Thursday (Jan. 14), giving current and potential owners a look at what’s new in the RV world, according to the Victoria Advocate.

Here are seven current trends in RVing:

  • Joining the green movement: Many companies are experimenting with natural gas for power. They’re also making RVs from environmentally friendly materials and getting away from using formaldehyde in the walls.
  • Making it more tailgate friendly: Companies are installing outdoor kitchens in many RVs and access to restrooms from the outside. It makes tailgating or camping out easier for many people. The growing trend is also to put the slideout at an angle, like an awning, rather than flat like most were. That way, things like branches and acorns fall off of it, instead of going inside the RV. An added plus: angled slides give RVs cathedral ceilings.
  • Upping the technology: Just like in a modern home, technology plays a large role in the RV world. High-definition TVs are often the standard and almost always an option, as well as stereos and electronics. Connectivity is big and nearly all RVs have satellite hook-ups. Mobile Wi-Fi is popular, too.
  • Making models easier to use: Like car manufacturers did in the 1980s and 1990s, RV companies are now opting for power awnings, jacks, etc. It’s easier to control things with a push of a button rather than manually cranking the RV, especially for elderly customers.
  • Toning it down: Many companies are going with smaller, lighter RV models that can cater to smaller tow vehicles. Some such RVs are made of composite materials that are thicker and stronger than fiberglass, but ultra lightweight.
  • Keeping up with home decor: RVs are homes on wheels and companies follow popular home interior trends. Some new models come with vessel sinks, which look like glass bowls sitting on the counter.
  • Cleaning up after Fido: About half of Winter Texans bring pets along with them and vacuum systems help keep the living spaces clean. Many RVs have switches near the floor so all an owner has to do is slide the pet hair near an opening, flip the switch and watch the hair disappear into the vacuum system.