The Irvine RV Center, a three-location Southern California dealership, closed a little more than two weeks ago apparently to go through a restructuring.

The company’s headquarters location was in the Traveland USA RV mall in Irvine, Calif. Its other locations were in Colton and Lancaster, Calif., and it was developing a fourth location in Murietta, Calif.

The Irvine RV Center group is owned by Ralph Sohn, who has been active in the California Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (CalRVDA).

Sohn was not available comment.

According to a source within the Southern California RV community, who did not want to be named, the Irvine RV Center got into difficulty because its financial resources were depleted by the investment in the Murietta location, which occurred during a period of soft retail demand.

“It’s the same old story, he (Sohn) tried to grow too big too fast,” the source said.

Telephone callers to the Irvine and Lancaster locations hear a recording stating that the dealership will remain closed until next Monday (Sept. 10) “for audit and inventory control.”

Callers to the Colton location are instructed to call the Irvine store.

The recording also refers callers with questions about sales to McMahon’s RV, another dealership in the Traveland USA mall in Irvine. However, an executive at McMahon’s, who did not want to be named, said there is no connection between the Irvine RV Center and McMahon’s and that Irvine RV Center officials apparently made “an arbitrary decision” to channel sales calls to McMahon’s.

Callers with service questions are referred to the Irvine RV Center service department, which is operating.