As the first FEMA trailers arrived last week in the Florida Keys to help those left homeless by Hurricane Irma, many in hard-hit Southwest Florida where the storm also made landfall wondered when and if the temporary housing would be available for them.

As reported by USA Today, a batch of 10 trailers arrived Wednesday, nearly two weeks after Monroe County requested 9,200 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help house much of the working population that keeps the Keys’ tourism industry alive.

Pressure was key to securing the FEMA trailers, said Monroe County Commissioner George Neugent. 

“The pressure we put on FEMA was the facts,” he said, noting the need of “people here who had homes or who were renting whose housing was destroyed and now have nowhere to go unless they have temporary housing.”

With more than 1,000 homes destroyed or severely damaged in Collier County, Commissioner Bill McDaniel said he doesn’t know why there hasn’t been more urgency to press FEMA to bring places for people to live.

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