Two people have been killed, two injured, and at least six RVs destroyed in the last three weeks across the U.S. in incidents linked to the use of electric space heaters, according to a web posting by the RV News Service.

The winter heating season has arrived, and fire officials say more caution needs to be exercised by those who would take off the chill with space heaters.

Kurt Strey, who serves as fire chief in New Berlin, Texas, recalls the results of a recent travel trailer fire in his jurisdiction.

“People who were using space heaters either overloaded it or placed it too close to something combustible,” he said. “A lady who was sleeping inside woke up to a trailer full of smoke and kicked out a window to escape. She narrowly escaped with her life.”

In Florida, a man and his daughter escaped a burning fifth-wheel after their electric space heater began sparking and the rig filled with smoke. An as-yet-to-be identified man in Seminole, Okla., wasn’t so fortunate. Fire officials recovered his body from a travel trailer that had been heated with multiple space heaters.