Spader Business Management announced that it has obtained partial ownership in A World of Training. The combined companies will be able to “able to offer a comprehensive range of training and consulting at all levels of a client,” according to a joint release from the principals in both businesses.

The release stated, “Although there is some overlap in the services we offer, our two businesses really complement each other well. In fact, mutual clients have combined our services to help achieve exciting new performance levels.

“This alliance was driven by our common desire to do what’s best for our clients. Simply by ‘passing the baton’ between our businesses and from developing businesses and people through upper and middle managers to implementing this training at the front line, we have already seen greater client satisfaction, marked improvement in business returns and the adoption of key concepts, principles and processes on a consistent basis.”

“We expect this partnership to evolve as we work together with clients and each other to identify and address key areas that will not only elevate the caliber of training and consulting we offer but also further deepen the scope of services we can make available,” the release stated.

While working in partnership, the firms will continue to operate separately. Spader Business Management is led by President John Spader while Michael Rees serves as president and David Foco as vice president for a World of Training. 

For additional information visit spader.com/aworldoftraining.