Spader Business Management Inc., long known in the RV industry for its 20 Groups and one-on-one dealership consulting in both the RV and marine sectors, intends to expand into education courses for dealership employees with the introduction later this year of the “Spader Business Institute” (SBI).
“This goes to a different level in the dealership than management, it goes deep into the organizational side,” said John Spader, president since last year of the Sioux Falls, S.D., company that was founded by his father, Duane.
“We have outlined and developed a curriculum for every job in the dealership. The vision is to grow so there is a year-round curriculum. If a dealer hires an employee and needs him or her trained, we can plug them in right where the dealer needs,” Spader said.
Although portions of the program have been in place for two years with a pilot group of 15 dealers, the fully developed SBI will debut later this year with three levels of instruction.
Simultaneously, Spader intends to launch similar programs in the marine, farm equipment and motorsports industries.
Classes, ranging from 21/2 to four days, will be taught at Spader’s Sioux Falls campus or at workshops scheduled later this year in Orlando, Fla., Las Vegas, Nev., and Chicago.
SBI will debut at a time when the RV industry, in general, is placing greater emphasis on training.
“Training right now is fragmented,” Spader said. “There is a difference between training and business development. We are more into business development. Fixing a generator is fixing a generator. Sales is different and depends on the system that you are using.”
SBI instruction will be offered for managers in sales, service and parts and accessories departments in addition to classes for general managers, service writers, salespeople, bookkeepers and controllers.
Level I courses will teach the foundation and essential knowledge for a job, Level II will expand into supportive skills and processes and Level III will train in advanced knowledge, skills and systems.
Tuition cost, which entitles dealers to train as many employees as desired, will range from $325 to $2,500 a month, depending on the size of the dealership. Besides a dealershipwide instructional series, dealers can enroll their sales or service departments individually for a smaller fee.