Spartan Chassis, a subsidiary of Spartan Motors Inc., recently announced it is partnering with Indianapolis-based Allison Transmission in the company’s EDGE Program.
According to a press release, the agreement makes Allison the exclusive transmission in all of Spartan’s chassis offerings .
“We saw the opportunity to partner with Allison in their EDGE Program as an effective way to offer our customers a greater overall value,” reports Richard Schalter, president of Spartan Chassis, Charlotte, Mich.
As a partner in the Allison EDGE Program, Spartan said it can offer improved transmission, horsepower and torque ratings that allow customers to purchase right-sized transmission models.
“As our partner in the Allison EDGE Program, Spartan will have the right transmission packaged with the right coverage for the particular vocational needs of customers,” said Jim Wanaselja, director of the North American marketing, sales, service and global business activities for Allison Transmission.
Spartan builds custom chassis for motorhomes, fire rescue and military defense vehicles.