Spartan Motors Inc. has introduced what it says is the RV industry’s first diesel-pusher motorhome chassis with an independent, full-suspension system.
The system, which Spartan calls Active Ride, was unveiled Tuesday (Dec. 3) during the RV industry’s National Trade Show in Louisville.
The show ends Thursday (Dec. 5).
“The Spartan Active Ride system is designed to actively read and intelligently respond to the conditions of the road,” said John Sztykiel, president and CEO. “With Spartan Active Ride, all four wheels and the chassis are constantly responding to the road, keeping the base of the coach on a level plane and providing a smooth ride without tilt or sway in virtually every drivable condition.
“This technology is going to revolutionize the way we perceive motorhome driving, making it much easier and more manageable for the average driver,” Sztykiel believes.
Active Ride uses a combination of hydraulics, electronics and computer controls to provide a tight, level and smooth ride for motorhomes, he said. It gathers input from the four corners of the coach, integrates data on driving conditions, braking speed, roll acceleration and steering angle and then adjusts each shock absorber to smooth out the ride. The system’s microcomputers analyze the information 400 times per second “to deliver the best response to extreme road conditions,” Sztykiel said.