Diesel pusher chassis supplier Spartan Motors Inc. announced today it is putting into effect a new quality audit system designed “to improve the quality of the motorhome body-to-chassis interface process.”

The Spartan Motors program, called SQ2000, is modeled after the QS and ISO quality standards followed by the auto industry.

“Our new quality management system is a further step in solidifying long-term partnerships with motorhome OEMs by helping them improve quality from the chassis on up,” said John Sztykiel, president and COO of Spartan Motors.

Spartan Motors’ engineers, led by Quality Director David Markham, spent the last six months developing SQ2000. The program includes monthly on-site audits of OEMs to record and pinpoint methods to improve the overall manufacturing process.

There will be real-time electronic documentation of the audits through the use of digital cameras, laptop computers and portable printers. The immediate feedback will allow OEMs to make “just-in-time improvements” to the manufacturing process, according to Spartan Motors.

Monthly, instead of annual, audits are planned “because of the ‘human issues’ in manufacturing, such as job changeover, and the need to focus on the issue of continuous improvement,” Markham said.