Spartan Motors Inc. announced today (Aug. 28) that it will begin shipping two new diesel pusher motorhome chassis by the end of this year.

One chassis, which Spartan President John Sztykiel calls a “coach-ready platform,” will greatly reduce the amount of chassis preparation required of motorhome OEMs.

The other chassis was developed to accommodate the AuraGen, a new electromagnetic system that replaces traditional power generators.

The coach-ready platform includes additional cross beams and structural components, is three times stronger than traditional frame-rail platforms and is designed for either rear-engine or mid-engine coaches. Additionally, Spartan will install generators, including the AuraGen, as well as jack pads, propane tanks and other items traditionally found below the floor, virtually eliminating chassis preparation for the motorhome manufacturer, according to the Charlotte, Mich.-based company.

“Our new coach-ready platform shifts the responsibility of everything ‘below the floor’ to Spartan,” Sztykiel said. “Motorhome OEMs can now focus even more on interiors and exteriors of the units, adding more popular features such as slideouts that further differentiate their products to end users.”

Meanwhile, concerning the chassis developed for the AuraGen, Sztykiel described the AuraGen as a “high-capacity, engine-driven generator, which runs much like an alternator, creates up to 8.5 kW of electric power necessary to run all appliances on the coach.”

When the coach is not running, an aircraft battery supplies enough power to support the electrical demands of the motorhome for up to five hours. The battery pack can be recharged during normal driving with little or no impact on fuel consumption, or it can be charged while parked with the engine running at idle.

The AuraGen, supplied by Aura Systems of El Segundo, Calif., provides “clean, virtually noiseless power,” according to Spartan.