Spartan Chassis Inc. announced today (May 23) that the company received subcontract orders from Force Protection Inc. to supply key chassis components and assist in the manufacture of Cougar military defense vehicles.
Spartan, a subsidiary of Charlotte, Mich.-based Spartan Motors Inc. and a supplier of RV and specialty vehicle chassis, said it has received purchase orders representing revenues in excess of $13 million. Force Protection is a Charleston, S.C.-based manufacturer of ballistic and mine-protected military vehicles.
The contract was awarded in response to the demand for increased protection for U.S. troops abroad. The Cougar vehicles will be used in Iraq and Afghanistan, with the first deliveries expected to reach the field by early fall 2005.
“As the global war on terror progresses, the needs of the U.S. military change,” said John Sztykiel, CEO of Spartan Motors. “Those fluctuating needs create an opportunity in a micro-niche where Spartan Chassis can quickly respond to the demand for innovative and immediate solutions.”