Overall boat sales in March were slightly lower compared to last year and year-over-year growth was down by just over 1%, according to data by Statistical Surveys Inc. that was gathered for 30 states.

In year-to-date comparisons, four of the top 10 states in terms of new boat registrations were up. North Carolina (4) had a 4% increase (1,171 in 2018 vs. 1,127 in 2017), while South Carolina was up by 34 (970 compared to 725). Ranked ninth, New York was up by 8% (597 versus 554). Number 10 California had a strong 13-percent boost (547 compared to 486).

“California the last two years has been on the rise,” said Ryan Kloppe, sales director at Statistical Surveys.

Regarding the overall slow pace, Kloppe said, “You can attribute some of that to the weather. If you remember back in March, Florida had a cold snap, too.”

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