A couple from suburban St. Louis is using a 40-foot 2003 Tiffin Allegro Bus diesel pusher to combine business with pleasure, according to a feature appearing in the Chicago Tribune.
The couple, Robert and Donna Moore, have given up airports and bought an RV for domestic business trips, the newspaper reported. “We can mix business with pleasure, see places now that we only flew over before,” said Robert Moore, a 41-year-old computer-programming consultant. “And it fits our business schedule. Besides, it’s not fun to fly any more.”
Now, the couple say they can travel from their office in Chesterfield, Mo., to meetings in Chicago in less time than it took them to get through two airports and fly. And there is the added bonus of no one asking if their bags were ever out of their control, and they can take their two dogs along.
The Moore’s business is 321studios.com, which writes software programs for copying DVDs. They bought their Allegro Bus equipped with in-motion satellite and Internet access so Robert could get work done while Donna, 38, drives.
The Allegro Bus was “appraised at $290,000” but Robert Moore told the newspaper he didn’t pay that much. Their monthly payments for the luxury motorcoach are “about the same or maybe even less than what they would have been spending on airfare,” the Tribune reported.
Of course, it might take too long to drive a motorhome to a business meeting thousands of miles away, but, Donna Moore said, “As long as you can schedule your meetings a week in advance, it’s feasible to do this.”