StagParkway's B2C website

Atlanta-based StagParkway Inc. has launched a redesigned B2C website, offering an all-new storefront and “a more engaging shopping experience allowing users to find product information fast.”

Introduced more than 10 years ago, the B2C site has evolved from a “bolt-on” retail portal that could be attached to a dealer’s site to the latest version featuring an updated design, architecture and user interface. STAG reported in a press release that B2C is linked to over 800 dealers across the country.

For current B2C subscribers, the switch to the new site happened automatically on April 16. The navigation of the old site that was driven by product categories has been updated to reflect how consumers actively search for products today.

“Our goal was to create a storefront with a simplified layout that focuses on product,” said John Spaulding, vice president of marketing. “We’ve added rotating banner graphics that can be used for seasonal promotions or new product launches. There are links to supplier specific products via ads and logo links. While attractive, the most significant site improvement can be found in how easy it is to find products and how pictures allow consumers to get broader product exposure by viewing items within product groupings.”

STAG has also switched to a new platform to drive product information, promotions and shopping cart management to maximize the browsing experience today’s consumers enjoy. Content will now be more “dynamic and can be refreshed on the fly and customer search logic can be easily changed.” Feature updates, content revisions and dealer administrator controls are being planned for the future release.

Pricing is also handled differently. Instead of simply displaying the current STAG retail price, the new website will publish the retail price that the dealer designates through their price label preferences they set with STAG. Now items on a dealer’s website will match the STAG prices they post in their store.

Dealers who don’t already subscribe to STAG’s B2C website can call their STAG sales consultant for more information.