Stag-Parkways DesignOnline

Atlanta-based Stag-Parkway launched a new web-based marketing tool called DesignOnline at its 2012 Business Solutions show this January in Las Vega.

According to a press release, dealers attending “RV University” learned how to customize their own spring cleaning postcards and ConsumerLink sales flyers with custom coupons, imprints and sales messages.

“Dealers have been asking us to give them a tool that lets them select their own products, prices and sales dates so they can run promotions any time of the year,” said Linda Scott, director of marketing services. “Since last summer, we have been developing a new tool with our printing partner, QuadGraphics, so dealers can easily create, track, and manage their own promotions while providing consistent branding and messaging to their customers – all in one location.”

Creating a campaign on DesignOnline can be done in five steps:

1) Select a format (i.e. postcard, flyer, etc.).

2) Personalize the content.

3) Select recipients (mailing list).

4) Enter delivery date.

5) Confirm design and submit for printing.

“It takes less than 10 minutes for a dealer to log into DesignOnline, select a design template, personalize the content, upload a mailing list, order print quantities, and choose a delivery date,” Scott said.

Each dealership also gets their own free image library where images are stored. Images can be reused or used in other custom designs, saving design time and money, according to Stag-Parkway. In addition, dealers can create, upload, approve, edit, delete and store their images online.

DesignOnline is being rolled out in three phases. Last summer, Phase I was rolled out to more than 650 dealers who used DesignOnline for the first time to review, edit and approve their catalog imprints. Phase 2 is being developed now to give dealers flyer templates for selecting their own products and prices, and additional postcard templates. These new templates are scheduled to be available late spring. Beginning this summer, dealers will be able to order their 2013 catalogs on DesignOnline including designing their own imprints and getting a preview of their imprints on any of the 4-color covers designed by Stag-Parkway.

Phase 3 will include e-mail templates so dealers can create their own e-marketing promotions, posters, online list rental acquisitions, and enhancements to the user interface.

“We’re encouraged by the number of dealers already using DesignOnline and they’ve been giving us great feedback that we plan to incorporate in the near future,” says Scott. “The beauty of DesignOnline is that it gives dealers the flexibility to design their own publications very quickly and saves them a tremendous amount of design time and money. This new tool puts the dealer in the driver’s seat where they control the sales message they want to send.”

For more information, contact Linda Scott, Director of Marketing Services at 404.349.1918, ext. 2247, or email [email protected].