Starcraft RV is sponsoring the Long Road Home Project, an event in which five U.S. veterans bike 4,200 miles for 90 days across the country to raise awareness of the difficulties often faced by service people upon returning home. According to a press release, the trek will begin July 15.

Topeka, Ind.-based Starcraft, a division of Jayco Inc., is donating the use of a Travel Star 285FB travel trailer that will accompany the riders and people aiding them as they cross the country. The Travel Star travel trailer spans a length of 28 feet and offers spacious interior space, sleeping up to six people. The trailer will allow the veterans on the Long Road Home Project journey the chance to recuperate and relax after their long days biking across the nation to achieve their goal.

These veterans, most all having served in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, face hardships in their lives due to injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the struggle to raise awareness about the difficult military experience. Their goal is to bring awareness to the hardship faced by veterans, particularly following their service to the country and the adjustments of returning home. Through this journey, the Long Road Home Project also hopes to raise $75,000 to ease the transition of returning soldiers and help veterans live full, meaningful lives.

For more information about the Long Road Home Project, visit http://longroadhomeproject.com/.