Solstice fifth-wheel line from Starcraft

Solstice fifth-wheel line from Starcraft

Continuing its focus on responding to feedback from dealer partners and retail customers, Starcraft RV announced product upgrades to its flagship Solstice fifth-wheel line.

“After our recent announcement of the new Solstice Super Lite and Solstice Lite, it was important to assure and confirm to our dealers, and our customers, that Starcraft’s dedication to the continued development and improvement of the flagship Solstice brand is a top priority,” said Akos Sefcsik, president of Starcraft RV, in a press release. “Since its introduction, Solstice has seen tremendous growth in the marketplace and we fully intend to continue to give our dealers and customers what they want and need to continue this growth.”

“The Solstice fifth-wheel has been key to Starcraft’s success in recent years,” commented Nick Eppert, vice president of sales and product development. “The Solstice brand is a showcase of Starcraft’s form, function and quality at its best.”

Continuing to stay at the forefront of décor and customer convenience features, the new Solstice will offer a long list of improvements, including all-new interior and exterior designs.  The interior will feature a new “Sandalwood Maple” wood color along with new fabrics and window treatments, as well as a convection microwave and an induction stove top. In addition, Solstice will showcase contemporary countertop designs as well as an “Apron Style” residential stainless steel sink.

The standard Solstice exterior has been updated with a new graphics package in addition to two all-new full-paint options. In addition, Solstice will now offer the latest in touch screen and smart phone app control functions as well as Wi-Fi connectivity capability.

“Starcraft has made significant investments in our fifth-wheel offerings and our commitment to this vital segment has never been greater,” said Eppert. “With the introduction of the Solstice Super Lite, Solstice Lite, and our Solstice full paint options, the Solstice family of fifth-wheels now covers five distinct price points to fit all dealers’ and customers’ desires.”

For more information on the Solstice family of fifth wheels, contact Nick Eppert at [email protected].