ATIA RV will be marking its entry into the RV marketplace with its Garageable Unit (GU) trailer during next week’s Elkhart RV Open House.

ATIA RV owner/CEO Nick Nicholas, formerly with KZ RV, told RVBUSINESS.com, “Although current market conditions have slowed, we are extremely ecstatic about this opportunity to showcase our innovative product. This is something we have been planning for a long time.

“There is definitely a need in the marketplace for what we are offering. In talking with many dealers we heard again and again the need for a trailer that can be parked in the garage and towed by smaller vehicles at an attractive retail price. This is the focus of ATIA RV. “

Nicholas anticipates the company will have all six of their new models in production by mid-year, 2020. At Open House they will be displaying their smallest model, the GU147 which measures 15 feet, 8 inches in length, weighs under 2,000 pounds and 82 inches of height with the roof in the down or tow position. Suggested MSRP is $14,900.

“This product has several features incorporated for today’s modern RV user like Bluetooth connectivity, optional Wi-Fi ranger and Yak mobile control,” he added. “Our products will always be innovative, with a high focus on quality, greater dealer relations, customer centered and helping our community.   

The unveiling of the GU147 will take place Sept. 23 at 11 a.m. across from the “Feed the Children” building on CR 6.

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