Vilano interior Vilano 365RL interior by Vanleigh RV

After a January open, Vanleigh RV, the newest manufacturer to join the luxury fifth-wheel segment, recently began shipping units of its first model and floorplan, the Vilano 365RL. The initial retail sale was reported at Mississippi-based Sherman RV.

“We’re very excited to be at this point,” said National Sales Manager Ryan Ellson. “We’re not getting ahead of ourselves, but our goal over the next many years is to expand, continue to offer more product lines, develop our company and be one of the leading manufacturers in the towable industry.”

Although it is a startup, the company comes with an impressive management pedigree, as it’s co-owned by three generations of the founding family of Red Bay, Ala.-based Tiffin Motor Homes Inc.: Bob Tiffin, his son Van and grandson Leigh. Leigh serves as general manager at Vanleigh, Van splits his time between the two companies and Bob operates in an advisory capacity.

The Vilano 365RL is a 39-foot rear living room model with a dry weight of 12,900 pounds. Ellson said it features many of the amenities normally reserved for high-end Class A motorhomes, including multiplex wiring, solid surface flooring, hand-laid tile backsplashes, full overlay cabinets manufactured in-house, shaker doors and eight-foot tall slideout boxes.

“It’s incredibly large and open, and when you walk in it for the first time, it’s very impressive,” Ellson said, noting MSRP is listed at $80,000. “The quality of materials, the attention to detail and the methods of production are what you’d expect from a company that aims to follow in the footsteps of the Tiffin legacy.”

Based in Burnsville, Miss., Vanleigh RV is beginning with an 88,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and a 35,000-square-foot cabinetry facility. Ellson said a second Vilano floorplan is scheduled for release in September.

“We’re starting with the dealers that are close to home,” he said. “By doing that we allow ourselves to continue to build a service infrastructure that will be critical to success. As production continues to grow, we’ll hopefully be expanding outside of the Southeast, and be to the West Coast by the end of the year. We have a few more things up our sleeve.”