April motorhome retail sales declined nearly 15% from 2004, pulling cumulative totals for the first four months slightly below last year’s pace, according to Statistical Surveys Inc.
The Class A sector continued to be impacted by market pressures in April as retail sales were down 17.2% with 3,169 units sold compared with 3,826 in 2004. Diesel registrations, which accounted for 50% of unit sales in April, declined 12% for the month while gas registrations dropped 27%.
The trend coincides with motorized wholesale shipment totals, which showed deliveries declining 23.3% in April, in part due to production cutbacks by manufacturers as dealer inventories remained at high levels.
For the month, Class C sales dropped 9.7% with 1,833 units sold compared with 2,030 last year.
Other highlights include:
* April motorhome sales dropped 14.6% to 5,002 units versus 5,856 in 2004 while retail registrations for the first four months fell 2.3% with 19,813 units sold compared with 20,270 last year.
* For the first four months, Class A sales were down 3.2% to 13,545 units sold from 13,992 in 2004.
* Class C retail registrations were off 0.2% year-to-date with 6,268 units sold versus 6,278 last year.