Towable sales continued to reflect a tightening market in August, showing a 24.9% decline in registrations as the prime selling season comes to a close.
According to Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Statistical Surveys Inc., all towable categories posted double-digit retail declines for the month in year-ago comparisons. August registrations fell to 18,313 units from 24,385 in 2007 while year-to-date totals dropped 19.9% to 159,486 units compared with 199,047.
Retail numbers, however, were ahead of wholesale figures for the month, which showed a 40% drop in towable shipments for August as dealers pull back on buying heading into the fourth quarter.
Other retail highlights include:
• August travel trailer sales retreated 27.1% to 11,373 units from 15,597 in the previous year. For the eight months, trailer registrations were down 21.6% to 98,263 units compared with 125,407 in 2007.
• August fifth-wheel sales declined 22.1% to 4,835 units from 6,207 a year ago while the sector was down 16.7% for the eight months with 44,239 units sold compared with 53,089.
• Sales of folding camping trailers dropped 15.7% in August to 1,853 units from 2,198 the year prior and declined 16.6% year-to-date with 14,396 units sold compared with 17,259.
• Recreational park trailer registrations fell 34.2% for the month with 252 units sold versus 383 in 2007 while year-to-date sales declined 21.4% to 2,588 units from 3,292.