December motorized sales retreated 51.7% from 2007 while year-end retail registrations declined 41.6%, according to data from Statistical Surveys Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich.
For the month, overall motorhome sales fell to 1,039 units from 2,153 the year prior and full-year totals dropped to 27,741 units compared to 47,483.
Motorhome registrations showed double-digit declines every month in 2008 in year-over-year comparisons. The low point was registered in November when sales decreased 65.6% while the best month in terms of percentage comparisons came in January as registrations fell 16.7% from 2007.
December Class A motorhome sales dropped 52.2% to 685 units versus 1,433 in 2007. For the 12 months, Class A registrations were down 44.5% with 16,246 units sold compared with 29,272 the previous year.
The Class C retail sector plunged 50.8% in December, falling to 354 units from 720 in 2007. Year-end totals showed a 36.9% drop in registrations to 11,495 units versus 18,211 in the year-ago period.