July motorhome sales declined 17.8% from a year ago, magnified by a 24% drop in Class A gas retail registrations, according to data from Statistical Surveys Inc.
The Grand Rapids, Mich., company noted that the states of Oklahoma and New Hampshire did not report while incomplete information was provided by Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Utah and Washington.
July motorized sales totaled 4,674 units compared with 5,688 in 2004. Cumulative totals for the first seven months showed a 9.1% decline with 36,066 units sold versus 39,674 last year.
The numbers coincide with wholesale numbers for July, as motorized deliveries were down 19%, including a 27% drop-off in Class A shipments.
Class A sales were down 19.5% for the month, dropping to 2,990 units from 3,712 units the previous year, while Class A diesel registrations fell 13%. Year-to-date, Class A sales dipped 11.3% to 23,362 units sold compared with 26,325 in 2004.
Class C registrations declined 14.8% in July with 1,684 units sold compared with 1,976 last year. For the first seven months, registrations dipped 4.8% to 12,704 units from 13,349 a year ago.
Adjusted July totals, eliminating registrations for Oklahoma’s June and July 2004 and New Hampshire’s July 2005, showed a 16.8% decline in motorized sales, 18.3% drop in Class A’s and 14.1% decrease in Class C’s.