Retail registrations of Class A and C motorhomes headed downward in July, finishing off 27.3% from July 2008, Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI) reported today (Sept. 11).

Class A sales totaled 970 units, down 25.3% from July 2008, while Class C sales totaled 705 units, down 29.8% from July 2008. Both totals for July were well off the pace for June. June’s Class A sales totaled 1,084 units, while Class C sales totaled 808 units.

The Grand Rapids, Mich-based surveyor also reported that the states of California and Minnesota are experiencing delays in processing. SSI will place the data into the correct months as it is received. The two-year percentage of change is overstated for the state of South Dakota; this was due to an incomplete report for 2008 July. The 2009 unit sales are more in line with July sales.