June motorized sales continued to show the effects of a depressed economy as registrations fell 51.1% from a year ago.
According to Statistical Surveys Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich., overall June motorized sales totaled 2,725 units compared with 5,573 in 2007. For the six months, the sector was down 32.4% with 18,017 units sold versus 26,656 the previous year.
Class A sales continued to decline in June, down 53.8% to 1,403 units from 3,037 the year prior. Class A diesel registrations declined 59% while Class A gas fell 48% during the month. Year-to-date, the segment showed a 35.5% decrease to 10,463 units compared with 16,213 in 2007.
The Class C market also showed significant weakness in June, dropping 47.9% with 1,322 units sold versus 2,536 the year prior. For the six months, Class C registrations were down 27.7% to 7,554 units from 10,443 last year.
As a result of the numbers, analysts adjusted estimates on motorhome builders, including Avondale Partners LLC. The investment firm, however, did offer news of a slight uptick in the motorhome retail market based on a dealer survey conducted this week.
“Industry sources recently indicated that they had been hearing of improvement in traffic trends since the end of July after unleaded gas broke the $4 mark,” said analyst Kathryn Thompson in a note to investors. “We tested this theory by surveying nearly 70 RV dealers this week about traffic and sales trends since the end of July. Nearly 30% of RV dealers reported an improvement in retail traffic since the end of July and 30% also believe that the recent decline in gas prices has had a positive impact on business.”