Towable retail sales fell in June from a year ago, down 6% for the month and 0.2% year-to-date, according to Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Statistical Surveys Inc.
It marked just the second time since last June that towable registrations showed a year-over-year decline. In March, the market was off 10%, while sales were flat, up just 0.2%, last month.
Overall June towable sales fell to 31,328 units from 33,327 last year while 143,236 units were sold compared with 143,548 for the first six months.
The retail arena lagged behind the wholesale market in June, which saw a 23.3% rise in travel trailer shipments and a 15.8% increase in overall towable deliveries for the month, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
Other highlights include:
• June travel trailer sales dropped 3.5% to 19,227 units from 19,927 in 2005 while registrations for the first six months were up 2.1% with 85,402 units sold compared to 83,633.
• The fifth-wheel retail market declined 9.5% for the month to 8,087 units sold from 8,932 the previous year. Year-to-date, fifth-wheel registrations fell 2.9% to 41,586 units versus 42,830 last year.
• June folding camping trailer sales showed a 10% decrease from last year with 3,504 units sold compared with 3,894. For the first six months, the sector dropped 5.7% to 13,659 units sold units from 14,482.