For the 15th straight month, motorhome retail unit sales registered a decline in year-over-year comparisons as May registrations were down 10.9%.
According to Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Statistical Surveys, overall motorhome sales for the month totaled 4,963 units compared with 5,569 in 2005. For the first five months, the motorized market fell 13.5% to 22,262 units from 25,727 a year ago.
Continuing a pattern stemming back to the last quarter of 2004, Class A motorhome sales decreased 15.5% to 2,782 units from 3,293 last year. Year-to-date, registrations were down 18.2% with 13,853 units sold through May versus 16,936 in 2005.
Class C’s showed a marginal decline in May, down 4.2% to 2,181 units sold compared with 2,276 a year ago. For the first five months, the sector was down 4.3% to 8,409 units sold from 8,791 in 2005.
Statistical Surveys noted that information was incomplete for New Hampshire.